PR4 3NA, Mr Robert George Towers, Mr Richard George Towers, Mrs Jane Marjorie Towers and Mr Benjamin Richard Towers (trading as R G and J M Towers): environmental permit application advertisement

View the application submitted by operator name for Bradkirk Hall Poultry Unit, Preston.

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The consultation period for this application has ended. You can view current licences on the Public Registers.



The Environment Agency consults the public on certain applications for waste operations, mining waste operations, installations, water discharge and groundwater activities. The arrangements are explained in its Public Participation Statement

These notices explain:

  • what the application is about
  • which Environment Agency office you can visit to see the application documents on the public register
  • when you need to comment by

The Environment Agency will decide:

  • whether to grant or refuse the application
  • what conditions to include in the permit (if granted)
Published 12 November 2015