POSMS Manual

Project-Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS) Manual. The purpose of this document is to explain the contents and operation of the Safety…

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A current version can be found within the Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS) held on the Acquisition System Guidance (ASG, formerly the AOF). For access to ASEMS via the ASG please visit


Complete POSMS manual (v2.2)

1. Introduction

2. Description of the POSMS

4. How to do it

5. POSMS process maps

6. Core procedures

Safety initiation

Safety committee

Safety planning

Preliminary hazard identification and analysis

Hazard identification and analysis

Risk estimation

Risk and ALARP evaluation

Risk reduction

Risk acceptance

Safety requirements and contracts

Hazard log

Safety case and case report

In service SMS

7. Support procedures

Communication: IPTs

Communication: ASEG

Training and awareness: IPTs

Training and Awareness: ASEG

Document and Record Control: IPTs

Document and record control: ASEG

8. Assurance and audit procedures

Audit management and initiation

Audit planning

Audit conduct

Audit reporting and follow-up

Monitoring and measurement

Management review

Non-conformance and corrective action

9. Glossary and abbreviations


The purpose of this document is to explain the contents and operation of the Safety Management element of MOD’s Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS). This element is known as the Project-Oriented Safety Management System (POSMS). The other element of ASEMS is the Project-Oriented Environmental Management System (POEMS) which has a separate, although closely related, manual.

The first link in the list of documents below is the POSMS Manual, which includes all Core Procedures (SMP01 - SMP13), Support Procedures (SSP01 - SSP03), and Assurance and Audit Procedures (AAP01 - AAP04). The rest of the links are the individual documents that form the POSMS Manual, included here for ease of navigation.

Published 1 July 2007