Defence acquisition safety and environment management

Ministry of Defence (MOD) Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) acquisition safety and environment management (ASEM).

The MOD’s Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) organisation is responsible for procuring and supporting the wide range of equipment and services used by the UK’s armed services. This material must be fit for purpose in order to maximise capability. It must also be safe for the front line to use and maintain.

To that end, DE&S places the responsibility for achieving and maintaining full compliance with safety and environmental requirements throughout a project’s life with its project team leaders. It does this by mandating use of the Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS), using the outputs to achieve safety assurance by demonstrating that safety related risks have been reduced to at least tolerable and as low as reasonably practicable.

Corporate support is provided to DE&S managers in all aspects of acquisition safety and environmental management by the Safety and Environmental Protection (S&EP) Team, which is responsible for policy, strategy, process and assurance. Their role also encompasses the production of reports and statistics to demonstrate that DE&S safety and environmental targets are being met and that sufficient progress is being made with continuous development and performance improvements. In addition, they provide the lead in areas such as accident and incident reporting, learning from experience (LFE) and organisational safety culture.

The S&EP Team is a constituent part of the MOD DE&S quality, safety and environmental protection (QSEP) organisation, a functional group which forms part of the DE&S Director Technical.

Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System

DE&S mandated requirements for managing safety and environmental protection are published as the DE&S Acquisition Safety and Environmental Management System (ASEMS).

ASEMS comprises 3 parts:

Part 1: acquisition safety and environmental protection policy

Part 2: comprising;

  • the Project Orientated Safety Management System (POSMS)
  • the Project Orientated Environmental Management System (POEMS)

POSMS and POEMS are designed to support projects in managing safety risk and environmental impacts, and in applying the appropriate mitigation measures. They may also be used by contractors, suppliers and advisors where appropriate.

Part 3: assurance and audit procedures which are designed to assure project teams’ POSMS and POEMS activities/outputs.

Acquisition Operating Framework

Access to both safety and environmental protection pages and ASEMS is available through the Acquisition Operating Framework (AOF).

Access to the AOF

Register for access to the AOF here.

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