PhD calling notice: UK-France PhD programme

Dstl seeks applications for this programme; up to 5 PhDs will be funded in association with this call.



Dstl is looking for proposals for 5 PhDs in the following areas of interest:

• acoustic and radio-electric waves

• biology and biotechnology

• energy

• environment and geosciences

• fluids and structures

• human and systems

• information engineering and robotics

• information management ‘big data’

• materials and nano-technologies

• photonics

This year, Dstl aims to align the funding of PhDs with grant funding opportunities offered by the UK Research Council, EPSRC. Provisional studentships will only be offered, when applied for, in conjunction with an EPSRC grant application. Dstl funding will be conditional on the grant proposals being successful through the EPSRC peer review process.

The PhD’s will be start in October 2017. Further information about the call, including how to apply, is available on the associated information document.

This call is open until 31 December 2016.