Pharmaceutical Needs Assessments: Information Pack

This publication supports local authority health and wellbeing boards to develop and update pharmaceutical needs assessments (PNAs).

Applies to England



Each health and wellbeing board (HWB) must assess needs for pharmaceutical services in its area, and publish a statement of its first assessment and of any revised version.

The information pack:

  • gives the legislative background

  • outlines what the term ‘pharmaceutical services’ includes in relation to PNAs

  • outlines the minimum information that must be in PNAs

  • expands on what the legislation says about the publication and updating of PNAs

  • explains the consultation requirements

  • outlines matters to consider when making assessments

It also includes examples of the ways in which primary care trusts developed their first PNAs, providing HWBs with an indication of how they may wish to approach their work.

Published 9 May 2013