Research and analysis

Personal Independence Payment new claims: early evaluation of process

This research examines the claiming process for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).



This is a small-scale study intended to provide an early snapshot of the process for claiming Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and identify potential areas for improvement.

The research took place in late 2013 and early 2014 and is not necessarily representative of PIP processes as a whole.

We have already made improvements to some of the processes highlighted in the research, for example we have:

  • made communications to claimants clearer
  • introduced a dedicated phone service for terminally ill claimants
  • made a series of improvements to the PIP IT systems
  • provided further training to staff

We have published a context note with this research that explains some of the improvements we have made.

We are continuing to use the research to make improvements to PIP processes.

These findings will help inform the first independent review of PIP, due to report in December 2014.

We have published proposals for evaluating PIP.

We publish statistics about PIP claims.

Authors: Roy Sainsbury and Anne Corden (Social Policy Research Unit, University of York)

Published 22 July 2014