Open general export licence (military components)

Licence for the export of military components intended for use as parts of equipment previously supplied under licence.



This open general export licence (OGEL) allows you to export components for military equipment, as long as the original equipment was exported with the approval of the UK licensing authority, or was supplied by the UK government.

All previous licences are revoked.

This licence is subject to reporting requirements under the transparency initiative.

Published 31 July 2012
Last updated 6 April 2018 + show all updates
  1. Licence updated and amended to reflect new contact details for the Export Control Joint Unit.
  2. This licence has been republished to reflect amendments to the Export Control Order 2008.
  3. Amendments to rating code PL5001. MOD security requirements clarified. Clause added referring to pre-visit questionnaires.
  4. Licence amended to reflect the new Government Security Classification System.
  5. Control list classification text ML21 amended.
  6. Updated to reflect new reporting process in connection with the transparency initiative.
  7. Amended to take into account EU Firearms Regulation No 258/2012.
  8. First published.