Notice to exporters 2017/15: four OGELs updated


The Export Control Organisation (ECO) has updated and amended four open general export licences (OGELs):

The changes reflect amendments to the Export Control Order 2008 which came into force on 13 July 2017.

0.1 Key changes

The amending order makes a number of changes to schedule 2 to the main order, which lists the military goods, software and technology subject to export controls. These changes reflect amendments made to the EU common military list following agreement to alter the munitions list in the export control regime known as the Wassenaar Arrangement.

Each of these open general export licences has been amended to add to the list of excluded goods, ratings ML8.a.40, and explosive co-crystals under rating entries in ML8.a. The updated OGELs have been published (listed above).The licences are dated 13 July 2017. However, to give exporters time to absorb the changes, these new licences will not come into force until 18 July 2017.

The current versions of OGELs will remain in force until 2359 on 17 July 2017. After this date you will need to refer to the updated licences.

Further information about OGELs is published on GOV.UK.

0.2 Contact details


Export Control Organisation
2nd floor
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Contact for general queries about strategic export licensing.

More information on export controls is available on the ECO pages of the GOV.UK website, also the SPIRE export licensing database.

This notice is for information only and has no force in law. If the information here applies to your business, we recommend you take appropriate action; including seeking legal advice if necessary.