Notice 831: European Union - Binding Origin Information

This notice explains what a Binding Origin Information decision is, how to get one and its potential advantages.



This Notice cancels and replaces Notice 831 (December 2009).

Published 17 February 2016
Last updated 11 September 2018 + show all updates
  1. Section 1.5 has been updated to reflect changes to EU regulations, section 1.6 has been amended to give more information about non preferential origin contact and section 2.3 has been changed to give more help on how to apply for a Binding Origin Information decision.
  2. Sections 1.5 updated due to changes to the legislation and 2. 2 amended to clarify provisions.
  3. Changes to notice section 1.2 subheading and 2.11 Can I appeal BOI decisions
  4. First published.