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Non-tech. summaries 2015: projects on ethology/animal behaviour

Projects granted during 2015 that have a primary purpose of basic research: ethology/animal behaviour.



This document outlines the projects granted under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 during 2015 with a primary purpose of basic research: ethology/animal behaviour.

The following projects were granted:

  • causes and consequences of movement and foraging (migration, birds, trade-off, carry-over effect)

  • genetics of behaviour and stress response in fish (genetics, stress, evolution, fish, behaviour)

  • causes and consequences of corvid intelligence (cognition, evolution, corvid)

  • population effects of individual fish life history (fish ecology)

  • mechanisms underpinning cooperation (cooperation, assortment, neuroendrocrinology, guppies, evolution)

  • early-life adversity and adult cognition in starlings (starlings, early-life adversity, welfare, behaviour, resilience)

  • phenotypic programming across the lifespan (ageing, hormones, environmental change, stress, development)

  • environment, phenotypic development and performance (development, ageing, telomeres, stress, growth)

  • behaviour of predators in conservation landscapes (badgers, foxes, predators, management, conservation)

  • kinship and recognition in a social bird (kin selection, cooperation, inbreeding, social evolution)

  • fish developmental biology and behaviour (aternal, stress, welfare, nutrition, conservation)

  • behaviour and ecology of wild birds (birds, behaviour, ecology, mating, evolution)

  • post-parasite dynamics in wild rodent populations (zoonoses, wildlife disease, ecology)

  • linkages between invasive plants and salmonids (riparian invasives salmonids)

  • behaviour of fish in the natural environment (fish, telemetry, behaviour, dams, engineering)