NHS: resisting cost inflation pressures

How the NHS can take a consistent approach to resist inflationary cost pressures.


Combating inflation: guidance

Annex 2: tracking template

Annex 6: opportunity analysis template

Annex 7: supplier meeting note template

Annex 8: zero inflation poster


NHS providers are being advised by the Department of Health to resist blanket inflationary price increases from suppliers. 

These documents provide guidance to enable the NHS to take a consistent approach to resisting inflationary pressures as part of a wider programme of initiatives to stabilise non-pay spend.

The guidance document sets out a process for NHS healthcare provider organisations to follow, in order to engage and work with suppliers to find ways of avoiding inflationary costs. Templates for letters and spreadsheets that can be used throughout the process are provided.

The guidance is supported by both Monitor and the Trust Development Authority.

Published 28 March 2014