NHS Premises Assurance Model

How to use the NHS Premises Assurance Model (NHS PAM).



The 2016 NHS Premises Assurance Model (NHS PAM) was developed with the NHS. It is an update of the previous version (2014) and includes changes in policy, strategy, regulations and technology.

The NHS PAM is a management tool that provides NHS organisations with a way of assessing how safely and efficiently they run their estate and facilities services. It is a basis for:

  • allowing NHS healthcare providers to assure Boards, patients, commissioners and regulators on the safety and suitability of estates and facilities where NHS healthcare is provided
  • providing a nationally consistent approach to evaluating NHS estates and facilities performance against a common set of questions and metrics
  • prioritising investment decisions to raise standards in the most advantageous way

The NHS PAM supports Boards, clinical leaders and Directors of Finance and Estates to make more informed decisions on the development of their estates and facilities services. It also provides important information to commissioners for use during the commissioning process and regulators in identifying risks.

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