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National Infrastructure Pipeline 2016

A forward-looking pipeline of infrastructure projects.


National Infrastructure Pipeline Spring 2016


This pipeline is a comprehensive forward-looking assessment of the planned investment in UK economic infrastructure across both the public and private sectors. It contains over 600 projects and programmes with a combined value of £425 billion, excluding social infrastructure.

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The pipeline gives an overview of what, when and where infrastructure will be built, which in turn provides:

  • certainty to the construction supply chain to support capacity planning
  • visibility of potential finance opportunities for investors
  • transparency for the wider business community and general public about how the infrastructure they rely on is being maintained and improved
  • a strong evidence base to inform analysis of future skills demand, inflationary drivers and investment profiles in sectors and regions

Additional information

The pipeline is not a statement of need or a commitment to undertake any of the projects shown. It provides a strategic and more credible overview of the level of public and private infrastructure investment planned over the rest of this decade and beyond (though in sectors such as energy, ports and waste, the decision to go ahead with individual projects will be determined by the market).

The pipeline is based on unaudited administrative data and should not be considered as national statistics or as official statistics. The data is owned by departments, local authorities or companies that provided it. Anyone using the pipeline data does so at their own risk and no responsibility is accepted by HM Government for any loss or liability which may arise from such use directly or indirectly. In preparing and collating this National Infrastructure Pipeline commercially sensitive information has been removed for reasons of confidentiality.

Published 23 March 2016
Last updated 15 April 2016 + show all updates
  1. The pipeline spreadsheet has been updated to correct a formula error in column AN. The total value of the pipeline and values of individual projects remain unchanged from the publication on 23 March. All figures, values and spend profiles summarised on the “Pipeline Summary” worksheet have not changed.
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