Movement and transport safety regulations

Provides regulations and defence codes of practice on what is expected in the management of movement and transport within the land domain.



The Movement and Transport Safety Regulator (MTSR) is responsible for regulating Defence Movement and Transport (M&T) activities (including contracted activity) conducted worldwide. M&T covers a wide and varied range of functional disciplines that often require pan-Top Level Budget (TLB) cooperation, with tasks routinely involving military activity interfacing directly with commercial operations and the general public. Responsible for setting and continuously improving Defence M&T regulations, standards and Defence Codes of Practice (DCoPs); MTSR provides assurance through the conduct of audits and inspections, while providing regulatory advice and guidance for all M&T activities.

DCoPs describe good practice and if followed would be considered sufficient to demonstrate compliance with a regulation. However, alternative approaches may be utilised where this produces outcomes as good as those required by the regulation. Guidance provides additional material in support of regulations and DCoPs.

Defence Land Safety Regulator (DLSR)

Published 9 October 2019
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  1. Added DSA03: Movement and Transport Safety Regulations: defence code of practices.
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