Statutory guidance

MOT testing guide for test stations

How the MOT scheme is administered, the rules for authorised examiners and testers, and the facilities and equipment you need.


MOT testing guide


This guide sets out the rules you have to follow to run an MOT test station.

It includes what you need to know about:

  • how to become an MOT authorised examiner (a sole trader, partnership or limited company authorised to run an MOT test station)
  • the facilities, equipment and security you need
  • eligibility to be an MOT tester, qualifications, and training and assessments
  • appeals and complaints from vehicle owners
  • documents, including forms, certificates and manuals
  • disciplinary action that can be taken against you if you do not meet the standards
  • clearing prohibitions from unsafe vehicles
  • accounts and fees
  • MOT testing service rules and user roles
  • the process to follow when the MOT testing service is unavailable

The MOT inspection manuals for cars and passenger vehicles and motorcycles set out the processes and standards for the MOT test itself.

Published 3 September 2013
Last updated 17 December 2018 + show all updates
  1. Updated section A (Introduction), section B (Authorised Examiners) and section D (Requirements for Authorisation). The full details are set out in the change table in the document.
  2. Updates to section H (Documentation) of the MOT testing guide. Full details are set out in the change table in the document.
  3. The MOT testing guide for test stations has been updated following changes to the MOT which came into effect on 20th May 2018.
  4. Updates to various sections of the MOT testing guide (set out in the change table in the document).
  5. Updated the testing guide with details of the MOT testing service, MOT tester qualifications and training.
  6. First published.