MOD shipping regulations for safety and environmental protection

DSA02 regulations supersede JSP430 regulations. JSP430 guidance may be used only until all defence Codes of Practice (DCoPs) are published.



The Ministry of Defence (MOD) shipping regulations are issued by the Defence Maritime Regulator (DMR), replacing JSP (Joint Service Publications) 430, issue 5. They are the central DMR regulatory framework for the safety and environmental protection of all MOD shipping activity.

The goal of the regulations is to ensure all MOD shipping activities (warships, government and chartered) can achieve outcomes at least as good as those governed by UK and international legislation. For example:

  • the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • UK environment acts
  • Merchant Shipping Act 1995

The regulations have common origins in the Carver report into the Herald of Free Enterprise and Piper Alpha Disasters, whose lessons informed the Merchant Shipping (International Safety Management Code) Regulations and the principles of Offshore Safety and Environmental Cases. These MOD shipping regulations are to enable military activity to be compliant with the law and where there are exemptions to ensure defence lessons are applied.

The regulations align, where practicable, the goals of statute, or with defence lessons and seek to achieve outcomes as least as good where there are disapplications, exemptions and derogations in transition to war and during warlike activities. All supporting information and guidance has been moved to supporting Defence Codes of Practice (DCoP).

Published 4 April 2017