MOD armed forces standards of accommodation scales

The scales are the general standards set by the Ministry of Defence for the provision of accommodation for the regular British armed forces.


Amendment record

Scale 1: main introductory notes

Scale 2: band accommodation

Scale 4: custody facilities

Scale 5: training camps

Scale 7: churches and church halls

Scale 11: MOD police accommodation

Scale 12: MOD fire stations

Scale 18: guard rooms

Scale 40: changing/locker rooms

Scale 41: NAAFI families shops

Scale 44: obstacle courses

Scale 45: offices

Scale 46: parade grounds

Scale 49: small arms ranges

Scale 51: social clubs

Scale 53: non technical stores

Scale 54: technical stores

Scale 80: TAVRA accommodation


These accommodation scales are provided for the information and guidance of all concerned in that process. Some of the scales also apply to other organisations in the MOD.

The scales include:

  • official standards for MOD buildings, accommodation, offices and physical training grounds
  • reserves and cadet accommodation
Published 8 September 2016