Research and analysis

Minimum wage underpayment in Leicester textiles manufacturers

The Low Pay Commission's 2022 compliance and enforcement report looks at the example of the Leicester textiles sector.



This report by the Low Pay Commission (LPC) looks in detail at textiles manufacturing in Leicester. This sector and location have been the focus of substantial enforcement activity since 2020. The report draws on evidence from workers, manufacturers, retailers, enforcement bodies and others in Leicester, to understand and contextualise this activity.

The focus of the report is on one location and one sector, where there are distinct local factors at work. The conclusions drawn and recommendations made, however, are relevant for labour market enforcement and efforts to improve the conditions of low-paid workers across the UK.

If you are concerned about underpayment of the minimum wage, use HMRC’s online form or contact the ACAS helpline.

If you are looking for information on calculating the minimum wage, view the official Government guidance here.

The table below sets out the current rates of the National Living Wage and National Minimum Wage:

Rate from April 2022
National Living Wage £9.50
21-22 Year Old Rate £9.18
18-20 Year Old Rate £6.83
16-17 Year Old Rate £4.81
Apprentice Rate £4.81
Accommodation Offset £8.70
Published 25 July 2022