Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV): testing

Explains the process for both primary and confirmatory testing of human samples for MERS-CoV testing, when MERS is being considered as a diagnosis.

Applies to England



This document provides advice for health professionals and diagnostic laboratories on:

  • deciding whether testing is indicated
  • in-hours and out-of-hours notifications required for a possible case
  • primary testing and confirmatory testing arrangements for MERS-CoV in England
  • how to request confirmatory testing and how to send samples to the Respiratory Virus Unit
  • links to information on required public health actions
  • reporting of confirmatory MERS-CoV results
  • referral of further specimens from confirmed MERS cases

This document provides advice for health professionals on:

  • what samples to send to designated UK Health Security Agency testing laboratories or other testing laboratories
  • how to collect and send samples for primary diagnostic testing
  • public health notifications and laboratory reporting requirements
Published 27 June 2023