MGN 571 (F) Fishing vessels: prevention of man overboard

Notice to all owners, operators, managing agents, skippers and crew.



This note replaces MGN 430 (F) and should be read in conjunction with MGN 570 emergency drills, MSN 1871 The code of practice for the safety of small fishing vessels, MSN 1872, the code of safe working practices for the construction and use of 15m length overall to less than 24m registered length vessels, and MSN 1873, the code of practice for the construction and safe operation of fishing vessels of 24m registered length and over.


This note provides guidance on how to prevent man overboard situations from occurring.

The note discusses why cold water shock and hypothermia make it vital that man overboard is avoided at all costs.

The note provides guidance on how to assess the risks of going overboard and preventing it from happening. Attached to the note is a risk review document which will allow you to assess the risks around your vessel and record how you control these.

The aim should always be to remove the risk of going overboard. However, where this is not possible, the note provides guidance on the wearing of personal flotation devices and safety lines.

Published 23 October 2017