Meningococcal reference unit (MRU): user manual

List of available tests for meningococcal disease, what specimens to send, turnaround times.



Meningococcal reference unit (MRU) Manchester provides:

  • clinical advice for case and outbreak investigation and management
  • meningococcal isolate confirmation and characterisation
  • meningococcal DNA detection by PCR for non-culture case confirmation
  • molecular characterisation of meningococcal isolates and non-culture (DNA positive only) material
  • technical laboratory advice and support for large scale investigations
  • meningococcal vaccine evaluation
  • determination of response to meningococcal vaccination
  • collection of >50,000 phenotypically characterised meningococcal isolates
  • computerised database of laboratory confirmed cases
  • collection of sera from laboratory proven cases of meningococcal disease
  • support for collaborative scientific projects and audits