Corporate report

Marine Accident Investigation Branch: current investigations


1. Current investigations

Vessel’s name Accident/incident type Date of incident *Status of investigation
Peggotty Sinking of a motor yacht in the Humber estuary. 19/05/16 Under investigation
Surprise Grounding and subsequent abandonment of the passenger boat in the Scilly Isles. 15/05/16 Under investigation
Uriah Heep Contact of a passenger ferry with Hythe Pier resulting in structural damage to the vessel, minor injuries to its 3 crew and the evacuation of 20 passengers. 13/05/16 Under investigation
Johanna C Fatality of the chief officer on board a UK registered cargo vessel in Songklha, Thailand. 11/05/16 Under investigation
Harvester Loss of UK fishing vessel off Abereiddy, Wales, resulting in loss of life. 28/04/16 Under investigation
Apollo Loss of a crewman overboard from a fishing vessel off the north-west coast of Orkney, Scotland. 18/04/16 Under investigation
Fredwood Flooding and subsequent sinking of fishing vessel while berthed alongside in Maryport, England. 06/04/16 Under investigation
Louisa Foundering of UK registered fishing vessel while at anchor off the island of Mingulay, Outer Hebrides, resulting in loss of life. 09/04/16 Under investigation
CV21 Fatal accident to crew member washed overboard from yacht in the Pacific Ocean. 01/04/16 Under investigation
Saint Christophe 1 Grounding, capsize and subsequent flooding of a 22m fishing vessel moored alongside in the port of Dartmouth. 09/03/16 Under investigation
Toby Wallace Man overboard from an Atlantic rowing boat, 815nm west of Cape Verde. 14/02/16 Under investigation
Majestic Flooding and foundering of a 16m creel boat off Yell, Shetland. The vessel’s 2 crew abandoned to a liferaft and were uninjured. 21/01/16 Under investigation
Svitzer Moira Death of a crew member during mooring operations in Portbury Dock, Bristol. 29/12/15 Under investigation
Primula Seaways/City of Rotterdam Collision between a ro-ro cargo vessel and a car carrier in the approaches to the River Humber. 03/12/15 Under investigation
Annie T Fatal man overboard from fishing vessel off the coast of Barra, Scotland. 04/10/15 Under investigation
CV21 Fatal accident involving watch leader on round-the-world yacht. 05/09/15 Under investigation
Daroja/Erin Wood Collision between a Cypriot general cargo ship and a St Kitts and Nevis registered bunker tanker off Peterhead. Erin Wood, the bunker tanker, was damaged and towed to Peterhead. 29/08/15 Under investigation
St Apollo Grounding and capsize of a scallop dredger in Inninmore Bay, Sound of Mull. The vessels five crew abandoned into a liferaft. 24/08/15 Consultation stage
Arco Avon Engine room fire on board a dredger off the coast of Great Yarmouth with the loss of one life. 18/08/15 Under investigation
Aquarius Loss of a crewman overboard from fishing vessel off the coast of Aberdeen. 17/08/15 Under investigation
JMT Loss of the 10m scallop dredger approximately 3.8nm south-west of Rame Head, Cornwall. The vessel had 2 crew; 1 has been recovered deceased, the other remains missing. 09/07/15 Consultation stage
Enterprise Fatal man overboard accident to skipper of a fishing vessel in the North Sea. 09/07/15 Consultation stage
Hamburg Grounding of a cruise ship in the Sound of Mull. 11/05/15 Consultation stage
Carol Anne Death of a crewman following the collapse of a crane on board 16.5m work boat in the Isle of Mull. 30/04/15 Consultation stage
Karen 19m fishing vessel, with 4 crew, dragged astern by submarine in the Irish Sea. 15/04/15 Under investigation
Zarga Parting of mooring line while the Marshall Islands registered liquefied natural gas tanker was berthing at Milford Haven, Wales. Injuries sustained by 1 crew member. 02/03/15 Under investigation. Note: Safety Bulletin 1/2016 published on 11 February 2016, Safety Bulletin 1/2015 published on 8 July 2015

2. *Status of investigation

Preliminary assessment - this means further details are being obtained to establish whether or not further investigation is warranted.

Under investigation - this means an investigation is being carried out, which will lead to a published report.

Consultation stage - when an investigation is largely complete a draft copy of the report is sent to interested parties for comment.

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3. Investigations led by other countries

Investigations into accidents involving UK flagged vessels that, by agreement, are being led by other administrations.

Vessel’s name Accident/incident type Date of incident Lead State
Suntis 3 fatalities on board German registered cargo vessel while alongside at Goole. 26/05/14 Germany. Incident covered in MAIB Safety Bulletin 3/2014 published on 14 August 2014