Infrastructure and Projects Authority: how to become an assurance reviewer

The forms and guidance for civil servants explain review principles and how to become an assurance reviewer.


Thank you for your interest in becoming an assurance reviewer. The guidance document on this page describes how to complete our application form. The Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s gateway helpdesk would be happy to answer any questions you might have about joining our reviewer community.

The reciprocal arrangement in place between departments for the resourcing of central civil government assurance activity is vital as we work towards achieving the Infrastructure and Project Authority’s objectives set out in the Prime Minister’s mandate. As such, we are keen to accredit new suitably skilled and experienced assurance reviewers who would be able to provide the required time commitment to the role.

Becoming an assurance reviewer is a unique development opportunity as it offers individuals the chance to get involved with some of the most complex and high profile projects and programmes in government. For departments who provide reviewers, the peer-to-peer learning helps build corporate capability in the successful delivery of their own projects and programmes.


To contact the Infrastructure and Project Authority Resourcing Team, please email

For those employed within local government please contact the Local Partnerships Gateway Team.