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MOD appointment letters for Government Major Projects Portfolio (GMPP) Senior Responsible Owners (SROs)

These letters include the date of appointment, the programme deliverables, what the SRO is responsible for and how long the role is expected to last.



Each government department publishes the letters of appointment for their GMPP senior responsible owners (SROs). These letters include the date of appointment, the programme deliverables, what the SRO is responsible for and how long the role is expected to last.

The guidance for officials giving evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees, known as the Osmotherly Rules was updated on 17 October 2014. As part of this update we are committed to publishing GMPP SRO letters of appointment.

Published 17 July 2015
Last updated 9 May 2018 + show all updates
  1. Added Clyde Infrastructure Programme: SRO appointment letter.
  2. Added Maritime Patrol Aircraft Programme SRO appointment letter and Protector Programme SRO appointment letter.
  3. Added Dreadnought: SRO appointment letter.
  4. Added New Style of Information Technology (Base): SRO appointment letter.
  5. Added Type 31 Export (T31e) Programme: SRO appointment letter.
  6. Added Fleet Solid Support (FSS) programme: SRO appointment letter.
  7. Added Defence Infrastructure Model Reform (DIMR) programme SRO appointment letter.
  8. Added Armed Forces People Programme (AFPP): SRO appointment letter.
  9. Updated to add SRO appointment letter for the Defence Estate Optimisation programme.
  10. Replaced Army Basing appointment letter.
  11. Added Armour MBT 2025 programme:SRO appointment letter
  12. Updated the Army Basing programme letter.
  13. Replaced SRO letter of appointment for The Logistics Commodities Services Transformation Programme, Type 26 Global Combat ship programme and added new SRO letter of appointment for Future beyond line of sight and operational information systems.
  14. Updated letters for Armoured Cavalry 2025 and Armoured Infantry 2026 Programmes and Carrier Enable Power Projection Programme (CEPP) and added Land Environment Tactical Communication Information Systems (LE TacCIS) Programme.
  15. Updated the Appointment letters for the Materiel Strategy Programme and the Maritime Sustainment Programme.
  16. Added SRO appointment letter for Grapevine I, Grapevine II and Emporium programmes
  17. Updated Materiel Strategy: SRO appointment letter addendum.
  18. Added Nuclear Warhead Capability Sustainment and A400M appointment letters.
  19. Added SRO appointment letter for Merlin Programme.
  20. Added Crowsnest; Maritime Sustainment Programme; Type 26 Global Combat Ship Programme; and Wildcat.
  21. Updated the New Employment Model Programme letter.
  22. Added Carrier Enabled Power Projection (CEPP) letter with addendum, Successor programme letter with addendum, The Materiel Strategy letter with addendum, New Employment Model re-issued letter;
  23. Added Complex Weapons, Lightning II, Queen Elizabeth Programme, Spearfish Upgrade and Watchkeeper: SRO appointment letters.
  24. First published.