Life of a limited liability partnership

Rules and requirements for limited liability partnerships registered in the UK.



This guide is for members or designated members of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and those who act as advisers to LLPs.

It applies to all LLPs registered in the UK and gives information on what they need to file with Companies House to remain on the public register.

Published 1 August 2014
Last updated 1 May 2024 + show all updates
  1. Fees updated.

  2. Updated guidance in accordance with the end of Brexit transition.

  3. Removal off accounts guidance from. Replacement guidance is available.

  4. Register entry date added to PSC guidance.

  5. Welsh guidance updated and published.

  6. Repealed legislation (section 410 of the Companies Act) removed from guidance.

  7. Guidance updated and changed to HTML. Welsh guidance removed to be updated.

  8. Version 5.1 replaced by Version 5.2 - Inserted link at the end of chapter 3 to the LLP register guidance

  9. New version relating to changes brought in by the The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act.

  10. Guidance updated to version 4.8

  11. Guidance updated from v4.6 to v4.7

  12. Welsh translation added

  13. First published.