Letting rooms in your home: a guide for resident landlords

Good practice guide for landlords who live in the same property as their tenants.

Applies to England



This document provides advice for landlords who are letting (or thinking of letting) part of their only or main home to a tenant who is resident in the same property. This includes conversions where they live in different parts of the same property, however long ago it was converted.

The guide is not applicable to the following landlords:

  • where the property is split into purpose built flats, with landlord and occupier in different flats, or
  • where the landlord does not live in the same property as the person

This is not a legal document - it is intended instead to supplement other advice and guidance that may be issued by external organisations e.g. Department for Work and Pensions, local authorities, Citizens Advice and Shelter etc.

Published 21 April 2009