Letter of endorsement (LoE): airworthiness competence

Information for aviation duty holders regarding their suitability to hold a letter of airworthiness authority as detailed in MAA-03.



Operating centre directors (OCDs), intermediate line managers and type airworthiness authorities (TAAs) should apply to the MAA for endorsement of their suitability to hold a letter of airworthiness authority (LoAA) using the process detailed in MAA-03. The MAA will review this application and, if content, issue an appropriate letter of endorsement (LoE) recognizing the suitability of the applicant.

The airworthiness competence set (ACS) self-assessment template was introduced many years ago and was intended to describe the skill-sets required for roles in the management of type airworthiness, continuing airworthiness and release to service. More recently, its use has been limited to type airworthiness roles.

The MAA is in the process of updating the ACS in 2 phases. The first will bring the document under the control of the MAA and include necessary amendments to align it with the MAA regulatory publications (MRP). Simultaneously, an update to MAA-03 annex D will include a link to the new MAA airworthiness assessment tool which is intended to make the process of applying for a LoE more efficient.

Note: Until the updated ACS has been published, Crown servants applying for a LoE are to use the ACS September 2015 version above.

For further information contact DAOS branch head:

Published 10 September 2015
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