Research and analysis

Evaluation of the impact of the Languages Review recommendations: findings from the 2009 survey

This presents the first-year's findings from a survey, originally planned to be a three-year evaluation, but was discontinued in July 2010.



In 2008, the then Department for Children, Schools and Families commissioned the National Foundation for Educational Research to examine the effect of the Languages Review at key stage 4 in maintained schools in England.

This report presents the findings from a large-scale questionnaire survey conducted in the first year. The evaluation was undertaken against a background of change in language provision in schools in England.

The main aims of the evaluation were to collect factual data on languages provision and uptake at key stage 4 in maintained secondary schools in England and to investigate heads of languages’ perceptions of the effect of the Languages Review recommendations at key stage 4. The evaluation comprised both quantitative and qualitative strands and included a questionnaire survey to heads of languages and case study visits to a small number of schools.

Published 28 October 2010