Send your online return for Landfill Tax

Use the online form service to submit a Landfill Tax Return to HMRC. Agents or personal representatives can also use this service.


Send a return online (sign in to or set up a Government Gateway account)


Use the online service to submit a Landfill Tax Return to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Agents or personal representatives can also use this service.

Before you start

If you’re submitting your own return and don’t have a Government Gateway account, you can create one at the start of the online service.

You’ll need your Landfill Tax registration number to submit your return.

If you’re an agent or representative and don’t have a User ID and password, you’ll need to create a Government Gateway account.
Make a note of your User ID and password and come back to this page to start your online return.

Agents will need their access code and their client’s Landfill Tax registration number.

Tax credit for contributions to environmental bodies

You may be able to claim tax credit for contributions made to approved environmental bodies. The conditions for claiming the credit under the Landfill Communities Fund are set out in the Landfill Tax guide.

Over or under declarations

If there are any errors where you’ve over or underpaid Landfill Tax, refer to the Excise Notice LFT1 guidance. This will explain how to address these errors on your online return.

Find out how to:

You can read Excise Notice LFT1 for a general guide to Landfill Tax.

For further help about Landfill Tax you can contact HMRC to find out about registering and making payments and returns.

Published 20 December 2016