Landfill Tax: register landfill site details (LT1A)

Use the online form service or postal form LT1A to register site details with HM Revenue and Customs if you're a landfill site operator.


Apply online (sign in to or set up a Government Gateway account)

Apply by post (fill in on screen, print and post)


To register all sites you operate, including any sites that take exempt waste only, you can either:

  • use the online form service (sign in to, or set up a Government Gateway account)
  • fill in the form on-screen, print it off and post it to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

Before you start using the postal form

If you’re using an older browser, eg Internet Explorer 8, you’ll need to update it or use a different browser. Find out more about browsers.

You’ll need to fill in the postal form fully before you can print it. You can’t save a partly completed form so gather all your information together before you start to fill it in.

Landfill Tax: registration form notes (LT1 and LT1A Notes)
Use the LT1 and LT1A Notes to help you complete Landfill Tax registration forms LT1 and LT1A.

Excise Notice LFT1: a general guide to Landfill Tax
This notice gives a general guide to Landfill Tax, which is a tax on the disposal of waste to landfill.

Landfill Tax: application for registration (LT1)
Use form LT1 to register for Landfill Tax.

Landfill Tax: register changes to landfill site details (LT1B)
Use form LT1B if you’re a landfill site operator and need to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about changes to landfill site details.

Landfill Tax: transfer a registration number (LT68)
Use form LT68 if you’re the new owner of a Landfill Tax registered business and need to ask HMRC to transfer the registration number to you.

Published 1 October 2014
Last updated 31 May 2016 + full page history
  1. An online form service is now available.
  2. First published.