Register for Landfill Tax

Use the online form service or complete postal form LT1 to register with HMRC.


Register using the online form (sign in to or set up a Government Gateway account)

Register using the postal form


To register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for Landfill Tax, you can either:

  • use the online form service (sign in to, or set up a Government Gateway account)
  • fill in the form on-screen, print it off and post it to HMRC

To fill in the form you’ll need the:

  • Landfill Tax registration number (of previous owner, if this applies)
  • VAT registration number (if this applies)

Before you start

If you’re using an older browser, for example, Internet Explorer 8, you’ll need to update it or use a different browser. Find out more about browsers.

You’ll need to fill in the form fully before you can print it. You can’t save a partly completed form so gather all your information together before you start to fill it in.

You can read:

If you’re a landfill site operator you can use form LT1A to register landfill site details.

Published 21 January 2013
Last updated 31 May 2016 + show all updates
  1. An online forms service is now available.
  2. First published.