LA allocations for early learning for 2-year-olds: 2014 to 2015

Details of local authority funding allocations for early learning for 2-year-olds for the 2014 to 2015 financial year.

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This document sets out the individual local authority allocations to fund the extended early learning programme for 2-year-olds for the 2014 to 2015 financial year.

The supporting technical note explains the methodology used to determine individual local authority allocations.

There is also an accompanying estimate of the number of eligible 2-year-olds. This provides information on the estimated number of children eligible for government-funded places from September 2014 at sub local authority level. This data is segregated by region and postcode. There is also a national overview.

This allocation of £755million was announced by Elizabeth Truss, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and Childcare, in a letter to all directors of children’s services in December 2013.

Published 18 December 2013