Joint Force Protection (JDP 3-64)

Joint Doctrine Publication 3-64 is the principal publication for UK Joint force protection at the operational level.

This publication was withdrawn on

This publication was replaced by Allied Joint Doctrine for Force Protection (AJP-3.14 Edition A) published by DCDC in August 2015.

It is no longer the authoritative text on this subject and has been archived.


JDP 3-64: Joint force protection


Joint Doctrine Publication (JDP) 3-64 Joint force protection is the principal publication for UK Joint force protection at the operational level and replaces JDP 1/99 Force protection in joint operations in UK joint doctrine.

It draws together the overarching principles for a range of Joint operational doctrine publications that contribute to force protection, including Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear defence, force protection engineering, explosive ordnance disposal, joint search, ground-based air defence and joint personnel recovery.

This publication describes the coordinated measures by which threats and hazards to the Joint Force are countered and mitigated in order to maintain an operating environment that enables the Joint Commander the freedom to employ Joint Action.

JDP 3-64 flows from other keystone doctrine, JDP 01 Campaigning and JDP 3-00 Campaign execution, and provides considerations for the Commander’s planning process described in JDP 5-00 Campaign planning. It is aimed primarily at those responsible for the protection of the Joint Force on deployed operations, specifically staff in the Permanent and Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ) and their counterparts in subordinate headquarters.

Published 1 April 2010
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