J1 Visa

Form seeking a waiver of the two-year home residence requirement.


J1 Visa

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No objection statement (J1 Visa)

  1. I have applied to the United States Immigration authorities for permanent residence status in the United States.
  2. I was admitted to the United States on a J1 Exchange Visitor’s Visa and my studies here have been subsidized from United States/United Kingdom Government funds. The United States authorities are accordingly unable to consider my application unless the United Kingdom Government are prepared to furnish the United States Secretary of State with a statement in writing that they have no objection to the grant of a waiver of the two year home residence requirement specified in Section 212(e) of the United States Immigration and Nationality Act (as amended).

This service is only available from the Consular Section in Washington DC.

The procedure to be followed is:

Please contact the US Department of State first and request a waiver review number.

US State Department - Visas enquiry Tel no: (202) 485-7600 enquiry e-mail:

Once the review number is received, send the following:

  • complete attached form
  • complete credit card authorisation form
  • a copy of the detailed page of your UK Passport
  • Third Party Barcode Page from US Department of State
  • the current fee (Consular fee number 2 - “No Objection”)

Send to:

Consular Section British Embassy 3100 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20008

A letter of receipt will be sent within 2 to 3 business days, confirming the application has been processed and forwarded to the US Department of state. Also included will be the receipt of payment.

Published 10 May 2013
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