Investigation into the death of Tariq Sabri Mahmud

Evidence, documents and transcripts from oral hearings published as part of the investigation into the death of Tariq Sabri Mahmud.



On 11 April 2003, Coalition Forces detained an Iraqi man named as Tariq Sabri Mahmud (‘Mr Mahmud’, referred to elsewhere as Taniq Sabri Mahmud and Tarik Sabri Mahmud) and a number of other Iraqi nationals as prisoners of war at a checkpoint in Western Iraq.

They were taken to a temporary holding facility, from where they were transported on UK helicopters to a US-controlled detention facility. Upon arrival at that facility, Mr Mahmud was pronounced dead. The time and cause of death remain unclear.

Although a US investigation at the time found no evidence of any unlawful act, it was subsequently alleged that he had been unlawfully killed.

Please note that the exact name of the deceased is currently uncertain.

Published 2 June 2017