Investigation into the death of Muhammad Abdul Ridha Salim

Evidence, documents and transcripts from oral hearings published as part of the Investigation into the death of Muhammad Abdul Ridha Salim.


C Coy 1 KINGS Handover Notes to C Coy 1 RS

Extract from Watchkeeper's Log

Final report of Brigadier Rutherford-Jones

Goodwill Payment Committee email

Map of section of Basrah City

Short form statement of Fatima Zabun Dahesh

Policy for the recording and investigation of shooting Incidents

Short form statement of Mahmood Zuboon

PIL letter of claim, pre-action protocol letter dated 7 July 2004

PIL questionnaire completed by Fatima Zabun Dahesh

IFI translation of Al Maqaal Investigative documents in 2003

Police report (PIL translation)

Rules of engagement dated July 2003

Witness statement of Ahmed Ibrahim Shouh dated 20 November 2015

Witness statement of Andrew Price dated 14 November 2015

Witness statement of Brigadier Rutherford-Jones

Witness statement of Ciaran Griffin dated 9 August 2015

Unsigned Witness Statement of Edward Morris

Witness statement of Fatima Zuboon Dahesh dated 18 February 2013


The report into the death of Mr Salim concluded that he died as a result of being shot by a British soldier during a search and arrest operation on 6 November 2003 which had targeted the house of Mr Salim’s brother-in-law, Mohammed Zuboon, in response to false information provided to British Forces by a member of a tribe involved in a dispute with Mr Zuboon.

The false information was to the effect that members of Mr Zuboon’s household were heavily armed and preparing an attack on a nearby British Army base, Camp Cherokee. When the British Forces forced entry into the house, Mr Salim and Mr Zuboon’s nephew were armed in preparation for a second assault on their home by the rival tribe. Mr Salim was shot by a soldier who fired in self defence, believing Mr Salim to present a threat to the life of himself and his colleagues.

Published 29 May 2015