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OTS publishes an evaluation update on its VAT report

OTS outlines and evaluates responses to its VAT review


OTS VAT report evaluation paper


Today the OTS has published an evaluation update on its VAT review, which outlines and evaluates responses by the government, HM Treasury and HM Revenue & Customs to the report published in November 2017.

The OTS is pleased to note substantial progress on guidance and communication, partial exemption and the capital goods scheme, and penalties, alongside wider ongoing consideration of the approach to the VAT threshold. The OTS will continue to monitor future developments and may provide a further review on progress at a later date.

Notes for editors

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) is the independent adviser to government on simplifying the UK tax system. The work of the OTS is rooted in improving the experience of all who interact with tax. The OTS aims to improve the administrative process - which is what people actually encounter in practice - as well as simplifying the rules. These are often of equal importance to taxpayers and HM Revenue & Customs.

This evaluation update is the first of what is envisaged as an occasional series of publications reviewing the impact of the OTS’s more significant recent reports.

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Published 1 October 2019