Information superiority: more than managing information (JDN 2/13)

Encourages the view that information superiority is much more than just managing information.


Joint Doctrine Note 2/13: information superiority


JDN 2/13:

  • clarifies the nature of information superiority
  • gives guidance on how to enable, realise, employ and exploit it
  • describes fundamentals, enablers and exploitation possibilities, and
  • introduces joint tactics techniques and procedures (available online, though still under development)

The JDN is aimed at military commanders and staff at the strategic, operational and higher tactical levels, and at staff and planners working in other government departments who may provide information superiority capabilities. It is hoped that further discussion will develop a common approach to information superiority in the face of any combination of conventional, decentralised or asymmetric adversaries.

Published 20 August 2013
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