Information for Tenants

Published arbitration awards; information leaflets; Code Compliance Officer information; What Tied Tenants Should Expect; Tied Tenant Survey 2017; factsheets (including information about Market Rent Only).



A picture of beer taps on a bar.

A document containing information useful to tenants, including:

  • Published arbitration awards and information for tenants
  • Pubs Code: information leaflet
  • Code Compliance Officer (CCO) information
  • Pubs Code: what tied tenants should expect ( a factsheet designed to help tied pub tenants understand what they should expect from their pub companies)
  • The PCA Tied Tenant Survey 2017: Report, “ At a Glance” leaflet, Technical Report and the Questionnaire
  • Factsheets providing information about the Pubs Code and related processes, including a section about when tied tenants can request to go free-of-tie and an MRO notification form.
Published 13 December 2018
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