Research and analysis

R001 - Improved spatial data on activity distribution and intensity

Evidence requirement R001: Improved spatial data on activity distribution and intensity



The MMO, as marine regulators and planners, must consider the location and intensity of many marine activities in decision making within the MMO’s remit.

The MMO already has access to diverse activity data such as that presented in Marine Information System or generated through internal processes including marine licensing, but would benefit from continued improvement of the best available evidence, including up to date, reliable and standardised spatial data on the distribution and intensity of activities that may impact the marine environment individually or in combination.

The diversity of marine activities are described in the UK Marine Policy Statement. Of particular interest is information on the following sectors:tourism and recreation, cable routes and landfalls (particularly disused) and fishing activity from vessels less than 15m in length. The MMO is also interested in new or emerging activities.

Published 20 September 2017