Policy paper

Implementing geological disposal – working with communities: long term management of higher activity radioactive waste

An updated framework for the long term management of higher activity radioactive waste.


Third party expert view mechanism


This document sets out:

  • the government’s policy framework for managing higher activity radioactive waste through implementing geological disposal
  • its consent-based approach to working in partnership with communities to find a suitable location for a geological disposal facility (GDF), following consultation earlier in 2018
  • the context for the siting process, the planning regime and regulatory landscape for a GDF

It replaces the 2014 white paper and brings together the policy framework and updates, the context and final Working with Communities policy into this single document.

Read the Written Ministerial Statement

Alongside the publication of this policy paper RWM are publishing a suite of documents that include detailed guidance on how they will work with communities and regional reports from its national geological screening exercise, which will provide communities with information about the geology across the country.

RWM is also publishing a draft site evaluation document for consultation, which describes the factors that it will take into account in evaluating prospective sites for a GDF as the process moves forward.

Published 19 December 2018