Impact assessment

Impact assessment for the EU-ESA Economic Partnership Agreement

Economic assessment of the costs, benefits and impact of the EU-ESA Economic Partnership Agreement used to inform the UK ratification process.



The Interim Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the European Union and the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) states (Madagascar, Mauritius, the Seychelles and Zimbabwe) was signed on 24 August 2009, and has been provisionally applied since 14 May 2012. The Comoros signed the agreement in July 2017, but it is pending ratification and provisional application there.

The EPA aims to promote increased trade and investment between the EU and ESA EPA States by putting our trading relationship on a more equitable, mature and business-like footing, supporting sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

The UK government is proceeding to ratify the EU-ESA EPA in line with agreed policy that the UK should continue to ratify third country agreements with the EU before the UK exits the EU. As an EU member state, the UK is committed to supporting the EU’s ambitious trade and development agendas.

Published 20 July 2018