ILF circular 03/12: Managing an Independent Living Fund award

This publication was withdrawn on 1 July 2015

The Independent Living Fund closed on 30 June 2015 and this guidance is out of date.
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How the Independent Living Fund ensures that payments are managed and spent appropriately.



This circular outlines how the Independent Living Fund (ILF) aims to:

  • make sure that the user consents to the eligibility check and processing of their personal data (where the user can’t consent, the ILF aims to seek consent from the most appropriate third party)
  • establish if a user has the capacity to understand what ILF funding is for and how that money should be spent and, if they do, to make sure they manage and spend it appropriately (if a person requires third party support in order to achieve independent living, then additional financial support may be given)
  • make sure that the right person manages the award and that they are aware of their responsibilities (it is important to be able to identify who is responsible for managing an ILF award)