Information about HS2 Phase 2b depots

This page details the HS2 Phase 2b eastern leg rail depots located at New Crofton and Staveley.



Two rail depots will be built on the Phase 2b of the HS2 (High Speed Two) route to maintain HS2 trains and the lines which they run with - one located at New Crofton and the other at Staveley.

Phase 2b of HS2 will run from Crewe to Manchester, and the West Midlands to Leeds. It is due to be completed in 2033.

A train depot is a terminal where trains normally load or unload passengers or goods. The eastern leg of the network will need to be supported by depots to maintain the trains known as ‘rolling stock maintenance’ and the infrastructure of the lines known as ‘infrastructure maintenance’.

Rolling stock maintenance depot at New Crofton

The depot would be located to the east of Wakefield and south of the village of New Crofton on the site of a disused coal disposal plant adjacent to the existing railway line. The site offers a good connection to HS2 and the existing rail networks.

The depot would be on a brownfield site (derelict and disused industrial or commercial land) and is within the green belt. Locating the depot in a disused industrial area adjacent to existing railway land should encourage the growth of associated businesses and new jobs locally.

Infrastructure maintenance depot at Staveley

This depot would be located slightly to the north-west of Staveley. The depot would be constructed on a brownfield site - in this case a former ironworks. We envisage the depots helping to transform previously neglected areas of land by encouraging the growth of associated businesses, as well as attracting new employment to the area.

Further information on the proposed route, stations and depots can be found on the archived HS2 website on the National Archives website

Published 28 May 2014