HS2 Phase 2b

Overview, maps and information about the HS2 Phase 2b route from West Midlands to Leeds and from Crewe to Manchester.

Guidance and regulation

  1. Property scheme maps for HS2 Phase 2b
  2. HS2 Phase 2b: Crewe to Manchester route section map
  3. HS2 Phase 2b West Midlands to Leeds route section map
  4. HS2 Phase 2b maps from Long Eaton to Trowell
  5. HS2 Phase 2b maps from Rostherne to Ardwick
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News and communications

  1. HS2 launches public consultations on plans to extend the railway north
  2. HS2 Phase 2b working draft environmental statement
  3. Up to £1.8 million to maximise benefits of HS2 for East Midlands
  4. Leeds confirmed as site of HS2 eastern leg rolling stock depot
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Research and statistics

  1. HS2 Phase 2b: Sustainability Statement 2016
  2. HS2 Phase 2b: strategic alternatives
  3. HS2 Phase 2b: Sheffield and South Yorkshire Report 2016
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Policy papers and consultations

  1. HS2 Phase 2b design refinement consultation
  2. HS2 Phase 2b working draft Equality Impact Assessment Report
  3. HS2 Phase 2b: South Yorkshire Parkway and Connectivity Study
  4. Alternatives Report for the HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement
  5. Draft Code of Construction Practice for HS2 Phase 2b working draft Environmental Statement
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