HS2 Phase 2b maps from Trowell to Tibshelf

Shows the preferred route between Trowell and Tibshelf for the eastern leg of HS2 Phase 2b.


HS2 Phase 2b: Trowell to Tibshelf route sheet 1

HS2 Phase 2b: Trowell to Tibshelf route sheet 2

HS2 Phase 2b: Trowell to Tibshelf route sheet 3

HS2 Phase 2b: Trowell to Tibshelf route sheet 4


The key plans provide an indication of the specific section of the route shown in each sheet. This will enable you to identify which sheet covers the area you are interested in.

The individual plan and profile maps show the height and position of the Phase 2b route, as well as the design speed of the railway in each area. These maps show the expected earthworks of the route at this stage of the design, and other associated technical detail that has been developed. Furthermore, they show the expected interfaces between the HS2 line of route and the existing road and rail network.

Some of these maps are very large file sizes and, depending on your device and internet connection, may take a while to download.

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Published 17 July 2017