HS2 contract opportunities

Find information about contracts awarded directly by HS2 Ltd, including the status of current and future opportunities.


HS2 current contract opportunities table

HS2 future contract opportunities table


Once the spreadsheet is open, click on ‘Enable Editing’ to activate the filter options. If you have any issues downloading the document try using an alternative browser.

Details on live direct procurements and awarded opportunities are published on our eProcurement portal - BravoSolution.

We advise suppliers who are interested in working directly with High Speed Two (HS2) to register on BravoSolution as early as possible, in order to be better prepared to respond to tenders.

If you need any additional assistance using BravoSolution please follow the instructions provided.

If you are interested in working in the HS2 supply chain (indirectly) please download our Supplier Guide for further guidance on how to identify and take advantage of HS2 business opportunities.

We will also encourage our supply chain to promote details of all appropriate indirect contract opportunities (ie opportunities in the HS2 supply chain) via CompeteFor.

Published 24 September 2015
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