Statutory guidance

How to export wild caught marine fishery products to the EU from 01 January 2021

Fishing and seafood businesses need to prepare for 1 January 2021, the end of the transition period when there will be some new processes for exporting fish and seafood into the EU.



From 1 January 2021, the UK will have sole responsibility for the future of our seas and fishing industry and we need to be ready for change. To help, we have created this guide signposting the steps commercial fishers and seafood exporters may need to take to continue trading.

The guide covers the administrative side of the fishing industry – signposting to business requirements needed such as for fishing, landing, exporting, importing, transportation, food hygiene and regulatory controls. There is also a handy step by step guide to exporting fish and seafood products to the EU, and a checklist for fishers intending to landing their catch directly into the EU.

Some processes will stay the same, such as UK registered vessels landing fish in UK ports, and the regulations that are in place to deter and prevent illegal fishing will not change.

The guide will be updated with the latest information as frequently as required over the coming weeks.

Published 15 October 2020
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