How NHS charities can convert to independent status

Explains the issues and processes NHS charities need to consider when becoming independent.



This guidance is for trustees of NHS charities. In accordance with the review of the regulation and governance of NHS charities, trustees of NHS charities can establish a new charity independent of the Department of Health.

The guidance explains the process for trustees considering independence and the variations that are dependent upon the structure of the NHS charity, and the necessary engagement with the department and the charity commission.

See also NHS funds held on trust: guidance on the acceptance, management and transfer of charitable funds for NHS bodies.

Published 18 November 2014
Last updated 30 November 2018 + show all updates
  1. Guidance has been revised to remove reference to individual trustees, following the removal from legislation of the Secretary of State's power of appointment. This guidance is now aimed at corporate trustee-based NHS charities only.
  2. Guidance document updated to take account of existing projects
  3. First published.