Research and analysis

How cognitive skills training affects reconviction rates

Study of reconviction rates among men that attended a cognitive skills programme to identify who benefited from this type of intervention.


Who benefits from cognitive skills training?


The study looked at the reconviction outcomes of over 20,000 men. They had participated in the Enhanced Thinking Skills Programme (ETS) while in prison.

The study followed up on previous research into this type of programme in Canada. The aim was to understand which groups of offender are most likely to re-offend less after attending this type of programme while in custody.

It found that risk level and offence type are both relevant in determining how to target this type of intervention to best effect.

The ETS programme was a cognitive skills training programme commissioned by NOMS. A similar programme, the Thinking Skills Programme, is currently delivered in both prison and community settings with the aim of reducing reoffending.

Published 30 July 2015